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About the COBB™

The award winning COBB™ system barbecues, roasts, grills, fries, bakes, smokes and boils. This unique light-weight cooking system is simple to use and maintain.

Endorsed by the South African Heart Foundation, the COBB™ ’s unique design allows fat and grease to drain into the moat / inner sleeve for healthy cooking. The COBB™ cooking system is virtually smokeless, since the fat and oil drain away from the fire. The COBB™ is a patented product.

The COBB™ is made of only the highest quality durable materials and because the COBB™ has no moving parts, nothing can go wrong. This highly portable grill weighs only 4kg and has a height of 30cm and diameter of 30cm. The base stays cool to touch and can be picked up and moved around while cooking.

The COBB™ is very fuel efficient , using 8-10 briquettes, 1 Cobble Stone or 300 grams charcoal for up to 2 hours of cooking. The COBB™ can be easily dismantled and placed into a dishwasher for cleaning. Ventilation through the holes of the Dome allows for even distribution of heat, allowing food to cook to perfection.



How It Works

The COBB™ ’s patented design allows just the right amount of oxygen into the fire chamber from small holes below the coal. This heated air is then drawn upwards and as there are no holes in the centre of the cooking surface, it is dispersed sideways creating an evenly heated cooking surface.

The air then passes through the holes on the outer circumference of the cooking surface and flows upwards around the inside of the dome and back down onto the food. This circulation keeps the heat at an even temperature throughout the COBB™.

This feature as well the moat, which is used to contain a small amount of water, wine or beer, ensures that moisture is retained in the food while cooking. Also, because there are no holes in the cooking surface, no fats or juices can fall directly onto the coals. This makes the COBB™ almost smokeless while maintaining the charcoal flavor. Keeping the fats away from the food makes for healthier cooking.


Born in the southern tip of Africa more than 20 years ago, the COBB was created for a safer, more sustainable, and economical way of cooking in rural areas. The design of the COBB™ portable cooker originated with safety in mind. It promoted safer cooking with minimal fire risk. The initial fuel used was dried out corn cobs due to the abundance in the region. This is how the cooking system inherited its unique name! An innovation straight out of Africa, the COBB™ was initially designed as a cooking system for people in rural areas, without access to electricity so they could cook in a safer environment, with less danger of out of control fires. The first proto type of the COBB™ cooker was a ceramic sphere-shaped device that cooked well, but was heavy and cumbersome. The unit has been refined over and over, and the result is a small, eco-friendly, portable and incredibly efficient portable cooker. Compressed charcoal briquettes or Cobble Stones have replaced the corn cobs. From humble beginnings, the natural progression allowed COBB to evolve into a more sophisticated lifestyle companion, establishing itself as a way of life for cooking enthusiasts across the globe.

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