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The Mini Cyprus Grill Deluxe version is an innovative charcoal grill barbeque that is designed to be 20cm smaller than our original Cyprus Grill Deluxe Barbecue. Featuring an automatic rotation function this outdoor BBQ grill allows for the skewers to be turned by the motor without having to manually turn it by hand. The automatic skewer rotation is beneficial for allowing even cooking of the meat to reduce the risk of burning the food.

Fully customizable, this barbecue grill comes with a complete package of:

  • 1 Battery Motor with 2kg capacity
  • 3 Large height adjustable motorised stainless steel skewers)
  • 7 Short motorised stainless steel skewers)
  • Legs
  • Gears
  • A checker plate steel base


Designed for smaller get-togethers it allows for the cooking of up to 2kgs of meat and is designed to sit 60cm’s off the ground at all times. To ensure your cooking experience is fun, there are also many attachments and options to choose from to suit your style of cooking.

Simple to use, this deluxe Cyprus Grill barbeque can make any outing a successful and joyful day.


The Cyprus Grill Skewer’s included with this BBQ are a professional and user friendly skewer set which is designed to easily promote optimal cooking when used on a Cyprus Grill. Our skewers are made of stainless steel construction and is suitable for use on a stainless steel spit. It features high heat resistance and is great for delivering an easy to clean method for added convenience when used for cooking on your outdoor Cyprus Grill.

Where else would you expect your Cyprus Grill to be built? Constructed in Cyprus using the Highest Quality Components and European Workmanship. You can be certain you are purchasing an Authentic Cyprus Grill which you will enjoy for decades to come.


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  • Cyprus Grill Mini - Deluxe Auto 
  • Comes with as a complete set: Base, gears, legs, 
  • 3 large Stainless Steel
  • 7 small Stainless SteelSkewers
  • 1 Battery operated motor that turns up to 2 kgs of meat


  • 50cm L x 32.5cm W X 10cm
  • 60cm off ground
  • Auto rotates the food so you don't have too. Both Small & Large Skewers turn by Motor. No more burnt food as meat keeps rotating on the skewers giving you the best taste ever!!
  • Many options / attachments available to suit your style of cooking
  • (fully customisable)
Average Customer Rating For Cyprus Grill Mini - Deluxe Auto (Blue) Genuine Product (Made in Cyprus) CG-0700:
Rating: 5

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Mini Cyprus Grill = A++++

By: on 9 December 2014

Compact and perfect for our little family. Easily feeds up to 6 people. Melt in your mouth no fuss cooking Very well made. Only minor problem is you currently cant get a bbq stainless steel grill for the mini yet however the person I spoke to mentioned it probably could be ordered. Sales rep was very helpful.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars