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What is it? How is it different from a barbecue?

Although it does still come under the barbecue umbrella, a rotisserie BBQ offers a unique kind of cooking to the traditional grill. Defined as an oven with one or more spits to rotate whatever is being cooked – usually poultry, lamb or pork – a rotisserie works by turning the meat to cook evenly and coat it in its own juices to create a crispy and golden exterior. It is commonly seen at parties and in charcoal chicken restaurants, but can now been found in residential kitchens or even as an alternative to the common backyard barbecue. The BBQ Store offers a great range of BBQ rotisseries kits for sale, which you can view below.

Rotisserie BBQ's for sale at The BBQ Store

Founded on the love of camping, backyard parties and all kinds of outdoor adventures, The BBQ Store strives to stock the best barbecues in Australia, including the art of rotisserie cooking. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner looking for a BBQ rotisserie kit, a seasoned chef who needs a BBQ rotisserie motor, spare spit skewers or another spare part or are looking for a barbecue and rotisserie hybrid, we have it all. Take a look below or call us on 1300 880 685 to start your BBQ journey!

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