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There's no better time than today to upgrade your backyard setup and unleash the grill master within. Our selection of 5-burner BBQs and 6-burner BBQs is where power meets precision — perfect for those who demand more than a boring, average grill. Whether it's a feast for the whole crew or an intimate steak night, these grills deliver the space, control and unwavering heat to make every cookout a sizzling success. Imagine succulent roasts, perfectly seared steaks and a whole spread of sides — all with one sleek BBQ.

The 5 and 6-Burner Advantage — Your Ticket to Grilling Greatness


Both 5-burner BBQs and 6-burner gas BBQ transform your backyard into a culinary powerhouse. Its expansive cooking surface and advanced features unlock a whole new world of outdoor cooking possibilities.

Unmatched Control

Take command of your cookout and unlock your full culinary potential. With independent burners, you'll master the art of multi-zone cooking. Sear sizzling steaks over high heat, slow-roast a whole chicken to succulent perfection and gently warm vegetables on the side — all in a single cooking session. This level of precision eliminates guesswork and lets you explore endless grilling possibilities.

Ultimate Capacity

Never run out of grill space again. Our 5-burner BBQs are built for gatherings, boasting an expansive cooking surface that effortlessly handles large roasts, racks of ribs and a generous spread of sides. From family feasts to neighbourhood block parties, you'll always have ample room to feed the crowd with your delicious grill creations.

Restaurant-Quality Results

Elevate your backyard meals to gourmet status with grills engineered for consistent, even heat distribution, ensuring perfectly cooked food every time. Achieve those coveted grill marks on juicy steaks, or gently cook delicate fish without fear of burning. Every bite will taste like it came straight from a professional kitchen, leaving your guests impressed.

Built to Last

Invest in a BBQ made by manufacturers as passionate about grilling as you are. Our 5-burner BBQs and 6-burner BBQs are crafted from premium materials by brands like Napoleon and Beefeater, which means they can last over time. We guarantee not just a few memorable seasons of grilling, but years of delicious adventures and shared meals.

The BBQ Store — Your Destination for Premium 5-Burner BBQs and 6-Burner BBQs

Experience the pinnacle of grilling power and precision with The BBQ Store's curated selection of 5-burner built-in BBQs. We showcase the latest grilling technology, exceptional craftsmanship and innovative features to elevate every outdoor cooking session. Here are a few reasons we're the go-to BBQ store in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and surrounding regions.

We're Australia's Largest BBQ and Rotisserie Specialist

Discover an unmatched selection of top-quality BBQs and rotisseries from globally recognised brands at The BBQ Store. As Australia's leading experts, we understand your passion for grilling is unique. That's why our extensive range caters to every need, passion and skill level, so you can find the perfect unit for your home or apartment. From trolley, built-in and portable models to 5-burner built-in BBQs and 6 burner BBQs with side burners, we have them all in stock.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Our dedication to quality starts with a relentless pursuit of excellence. We source both traditional and cutting-edge BBQ equipment from around the world, ensuring you have access to the finest rotisseries, grills and a complete range of accessories that make every outdoor cooking experience exceptional.

Expert Advice for Every Griller

The BBQ Store team comprises passionate grilling enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your grilling journey, we provide personalised advice to help you find the perfect BBQ for your culinary ambitions and lifestyle.

A Legacy of Grilling Excellence

Our years of experience in the BBQ industry have cultivated us a reputation for unmatched quality and customer care. We've become the trusted authority for enthusiasts of all levels, offering a carefully curated selection of only the best BBQs and accessories.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

Your grilling journey doesn't end with a purchase. The BBQ Store provides exceptional after-sales support, including fast and reliable delivery and detailed guidance on assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your grilling experience remains flawless for years to come.

Global Quality, Local Service

We combine the best of both worlds — access to internationally acclaimed BBQ brands and the personalised support of a local team that understands your unique needs. Our clients rave about us because our customer experience is second to none.

Ignite Your Grilling Passion — Explore Our 5 and 6-Burner BBQs Today

Ready to level up your grilling game? Our collection of 5 and 6-burner BBQs is the answer for those who crave unmatched power, versatility and precision. Explore our easy-to-navigate website to find the perfect model, or contact us for personalised recommendations. It's time to unleash your inner grill master!


Should I get a 4 or 6-burner BBQ?

Choosing between a 4-burner and a 6-burner BBQ ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Capacity — 6-burner BBQs offer the most generous cooking surface, ideal for large gatherings, elaborate meals with multiple dishes or serious grilling enthusiasts who want maximum flexibility. That said, 4-burner BBQs still provide ample space for most families or smaller gatherings.
  • Control — Both options allow for multi-zone cooking, but a 6-burner generally gives you more nuanced control for fine-tuning temperatures across a larger grill area.
  • Space — Consider the available space in your outdoor area because 6-burners are significantly larger compared to 4-burners.
  • Budget — 6-burner BBQs are generally a larger investment but offer long-term value with their capacity and features.

Is it worth having a side burner on a 6-burner BBQ?

Side burners are a fantastic addition to any BBQ station, offering incredible versatility and convenience. Think of it as having an extra stove top right next to your grill — perfect for preparing sauces, side dishes or keeping food warm while simultaneously searing your main course. Side burners are also ideal for tasks that require lower or more precise heat control, like simmering delicate sauces or melting butter.

How much space do I need for a 5 or 6-burner BBQ?

5 and 6-burner gas BBQs naturally require a larger footprint than smaller grill models. It's important to consider not just the grill's dimensions but also the need for some clearance around it for safety and comfort while cooking. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Measure — Before browsing models, accurately measure the available space in your outdoor area where you plan to place the grill.
  • Clearance — Ensure you have at least 30-60 cm of space around the sides and back of the grill for airflow and to prevent heat buildup (see built in specs for manufacturers recommendations).
  • Features — Some models of 6-burner BBQs have side-burners or shelves. Factor these into your calculations if you plan to use those features with the extensions open.
  • Future Plans — If you envision adding an outdoor kitchen setup in the future, a 6-burner BBQ's size is important for a cohesive design. A built-in model might be ideal for a fully integrated look.

What features should I look for in a 5 or 6-burner BBQ?

Choosing the right 5-burner BBQ or 6-burner BBQ means focusing on the features that enhance your grilling experience. Pay attention to build quality – look for high-grade stainless steel and sturdy grates that ensure longevity. Consider the heat output (BTU rating) to ensure you'll have the power you need for quick searing and handling large quantities of food.

If you enjoy preparing sauces or sides to accompany your main dishes, a 6-burner BBQ with a side burner is a fantastic choice. Some models come with a built-in rotisserie or have the option to add one, opening up a whole world of culinary possibilities. Storage is also important — consider under-grill storage, shelves or integration into cabinetry if you have a built-in setup.

Finally, think about bonus features like built-in thermometers, warming racks or even lights for nighttime grilling. The BBQ Store's experts are here to help you narrow down the options based on your budget and the features you'll use the most.

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    Signature ProLine Stainless Steel Integrated 6 Burner Built in BBQ w/ Hood, SS Burners & Grills - BSH158SA
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    Signature 3000S Stainless Steel 5 Burner Built In BBQ w/ Cast Iron Burners & Grills - BS12850
  • Beefeater Signature 3000E Black Enamel 5 Burner Built In BBQ - BS19952
  • BeefEater 7000 Series Premium 5 burner built In BBQ, Stainless Steel - BBF7655SA