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    HEATSTRIP Controller Suitable For Electric Heaters, with timer and temperature setting and remote - TT-MTM
  • HEATSTRIP 2400W, 240V, 50Hz, 10.0A, I P55 Classic Radiant Electric Heaters - THH2400A
  • HEATSTRIP 3600W, 240V, 50Hz, 15A, IP55 - Elegant Radiant Electric Heaters - THE 3600
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    HEATSTRIP Controller, DIY Plug-In Timer with remote - TT-MTR-PLUG
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    HEATSTRIP 3200W, 240V, 50Hz, 13.3A, I P55 Classic Radiant Electric Heaters - THH3200A
  • Our heaters run on different energy sources. In store are gas heaters, infrared heaters, charcoal heaters, heaters that run on actual firewood and electric heaters. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to every need and meet every demand. Associate yourself with world leading brands that yearn to provide you with long lasting, quality heating and cooling equipment. Browse our handpicked collection of outdoor heaters, indoor heaters and multipurpose heaters. Stay outdoors longer thanks to our convenient patio heaters. Our gas heaters are equipped with smart safety features that cut of gas supply if the heater is knocked over while some have intelligent oxygen sensors that switch of if the oxygen levels in the room are depleted. You cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to own one these super convenient heaters. We have sleek designs that fit right in with your modern décor so you do not have to compromise on all those hours you spent trying to make your look stunning. Choose to be warm, to be safe and be happy through winter.





    Modern Flames was established in 2008 and has quickly become the innovative leader in contemporary electric fireplace design and technology. After pioneering the linear electric  fireplace throughout North America and Australia, Modern Flames’ brand has skyrocketed with many firsts to market including; the first linear recessed electric fireplace, the first fully built-in electric fireplace and again has changed the industry by creating the first Virtual Electric Fireplace, the Orion Series.




    Stunning Ambience

    Fall in love with the life-like flames of an electric fireplace. Our patented Hybrid-FX flame technology offers a variety of colour options for every fireplace so it looks beautiful while you unwind. The other major advantage over gas and wood fireplaces is that you can enjoy these fireplaces all year round without providing additional heat.

    Ease of Installation

    As opposed to gas and wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces can be built almost anywhere indoors and are simple for builders or handymen to install. Modern Flames have the additional advantage of being able to be installed using standard material and without requiring pricey fireproof material.


    When you choose a Modern Flames fireplace you can enjoy minimal operating costs. We have invested in PTC ceramic and coil heating components which are very economical and operate at a maximum 2k/w per hour. Additionally, our patented RGB lights operate without producing any heat making them a very attractive feature.

    Energy Efficiency

    By choosing an electric fireplace, you are choosing one of the greenest heating solutions on the market. Electric fireplaces don’t require natural resources like gas or wood to create a fire. Thus it is a dependable and effective approach to avoid air pollution because there is no combustible by-product discharged into the atmosphere.



    The type of fireplace best suited for your home ultimately comes down to your room design and vision. Modern Flames offers six types of stunning feature fireplaces to help you match the fireplace to your vision.




    Inbuilt Flush

    The linear gas fireplace will be perfectly replaced with the electric built-in flush design. Edge-to-edge flame display and endless surround capabilities are made possible by a distinctive frameless design that may be customised to meet design needs.


    For a customised appearance, you can place the corner design on either the left or the right. A corner design incorporates the room and provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing ambience. By having a corner fireplace, you can take advantage of underused areas and maximise spaces by leaving longer walls open for furniture placement.







    A bayview design creates the sense of genuine fire in the centre and in front, as opposed to flames appearing on a flat screen near the back of the fuel bed like in a traditional fireplace. In the past, the only people who could see the flames within their artificial fireplace were those who were seated directly in front of it. With three-sided glass panels, which genuinely provide a widescreen viewing platform for the flames inside, it is now possible to watch from all sides.

    Partial Recess

    Installing into any regular wall and creating the appearance of an integrated fireplace is possible with a partial recess. Homes with little floor space may benefit from a partial recess because it doesn’t protrude as far from the wall as a wall mount but still offers the ambience element of an inbuilt fireplace.

    Wall Mount

    If you have limited floor space and want to give your home or business a contemporary feel, a wall mount electric fireplace is the perfect choice. A wall mount fireplace serves as both a striking design and a source of zone heating when needed.


    Our selection of inserts would be the best choice for those who already own a traditional gas or wood fireplace but are looking for a hassle-free replacement. Because they are frequently the same size as gas or wood fireplaces and have trims to hide any gaps, insert electric fireplaces are simple to install and maintain.






    Introducing the Orion Series, the industries first Virtual Electric fireplace

    Experience the innovative Orion virtual fireplace that utilises the most optimised technology, creating the most lifelike fire in an electric fireplace. Make every presentation brilliant with three flame choices and colour options for the flame, embers and downlighting, six colours which offers 18 different flame colour displays as well and colour options for ember bed and downlighting. No matter where you stand or sit, the image quality is consistent. Heliovision™ technology gives you the premium flame you desire. Orion is offered in two different series Multi and Slim. Multi which offers five sizes, four install options and a 457mm high viewing area. Slim which offers four sizes from 1320mm to 2540mm, 2 install options and a 381mm high viewing area.




    Orion Multi:

    The future of electric fireplaces is here with Orion Multi-Sided featuring NEW HELIOVISION™ Flame Technology. This fireplace has four flexible installation options allowing you to install anywhere in your home to create a perfect ambient dream.

    Orion Slim:

    The Orion Slim is the ideal design for people constrained with space. It can feature as a built-in or a wall mount fireplace and comes with the NEW HELIOVISION™ Flame Technology to produce the ideal ambience in any room.

    Landscape Pro Multi:

    The Landscape Pro Multi is the most versatile design and with up to four installation options to choose from your possibilities are endless. Choose a beautiful single sided installation or get creative and design the fireplace exactly how you want into the feature wall of your dreams with either partial recess, corner or bayview.

    Landscape Pro Slim:

    The Landscape Pro Slim electric fireplace is the perfect option for anyone looking for a unique frameless look. This Slim model in the Landscape Pro Series features independently controlled flames plus up & down lighting with an edge-to-edge viewing area.

    Spectrum Slimline:

    The Spectrum Slimline has revamped the recessed electric fireplace category. This recess or wall mount installation electric fireplace has removed the traditional large black glass surround and is finished off with a sleek 16mm trim to maximise the viewing area. The Spectrum Slimline features high intensity flame and ember bed lighting showcasing our new Hybrid-FX™ flame technology independently controlled with 12 different colour options.


    Update your old fireplace with this premium electric fireplace insert. With efficient heat and beautiful, life-like flames, the Redstone is designed as an alternative to a wood-burning fireplace and provides a beautiful and affordable substitute. The insert can provide supplemental zone heating and can be used with or without heat for year-round enjoyment. These inserts don’t require building a fire, and are even easier to start and maintain.