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  • Cyprus Grill 10mm Stainless Steel 4 Prong Forks (Set of 2) Rotisserie BBQ - LSRP-0262
  • Mini Stainless Steel Round Small 4 Prong Fork Set (Pack of 2) From The BBQ Store - (Round 8mm)  - SSDC-0080
  • Stainless Steel Large 4 Prong Forks (Set of 2) for rotisserie BBQ whole Chicken or Leg of Lamb suit 22mm Round Skewer
  • Stainless Steel Long 2 Prong Forks for Rotisserie BBQ Spit (Set of 2) suit 22mm Round Skewer Rod from Dizzy Lamb
  • Double Chicken Rotisserie Stainless Steel BBQ Prongs/Forks - Suits 18mm to 22mm round skewer - SSDC-001