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Elevate your outdoor cooking game with our premium selection of 3-burner BBQs designed for enthusiasts seeking style and substance. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or just starting out, our range offers the perfect blend of power and precision, so your culinary creations are always a hit.

From compact designs ideal for smaller spaces to versatile 3-burner built-in BBQs that seamlessly integrate into your outdoor kitchen, our collection is celebrated as the best in Australia.


Grill to Perfection — The 3-Burner BBQ Advantage

With a 3-burner BBQ in your backyard, every meal becomes a feast. Engineered for those who seek perfection in every sizzle, the models we carry offer unmatched control, efficiency and the ultimate grilling pleasure.

Power and Precision

Unlock a new level of grilling with our 3-burner BBQs, where every meal becomes an opportunity to impress with your culinary prowess. These are engineered for those who crave control over their cooking, with precise temperature settings so your dishes are cooked just the way you like, every single time. Their advanced technology guarantees even heat distribution that eliminates hot spots for consistent results across the cooking surface. Whether it's searing steaks to perfection or gently roasting vegetables, these grills make every meal a masterpiece.


Space Efficiency

The 3-burner BBQs we have in stock redefine outdoor cooking with their compact build, ensuring a perfect fit even in limited spaces. Designed for the modern host, these grills offer the full experience of a large barbecue without invading your patio or balcony. Their smart layout maximises the cooking area and allows you to prepare various dishes simultaneously — making efficient use of every square inch. This space-saving solution brings the joy and flavour of a big cookout to even the cosiest of outdoor settings.


Durability and Design

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with our 3-burner BBQs, crafted from high-grade materials that promise durability through seasons of use. Their sophisticated design not only complements any outdoor setting but also reflects the high standards set by top manufacturers in the industry. With attention to detail in every weld and finish, they are a testament to quality craftsmanship. All this means you get a perfect marriage of enduring quality and aesthetic appeal — making every grilling session both a culinary and a visual delight.


Innovative Technology

Explore the future of grilling with our innovative 3-burner BBQs, enhanced by state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of accessories. Enjoy features like electronic ignition for quick starts, integrated temperature gauges for precise cooking and the convenience of a multifunctional warming rack and wireless digital thermometer. Their innovative design makes for an efficient and even cooking experience — allowing you to push the boundaries of what's possible on a grill.


The BBQ Store — Home of The Best 3-Burner BBQs in Australia

The BBQ Store is immensely proud to offer an unmatched selection of the finest 3-burner BBQs in Australia. Our range combines the latest grilling technology with world-class quality and design that caters to every outdoor cooking enthusiast's needs.


Australia's Largest BBQ and Rotisserie Specialist

The BBQ Store stands out as Australia's premier destination for BBQ and rotisserie enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of top-quality products made by leading brands. Every grilling need is met with expertise and passion.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation

With a focus on sourcing traditional and innovative products globally, we bring authentic rotisserie barbecues and a wide selection of spare parts and accessories to Australian homes, elevating the outdoor cooking experience.


Expert Advice for Every Griller

At The BBQ Store, our team's extensive expertise ensures personalised advice for every customer. We understand the nuances of outdoor cooking, and we’re here to help you choose the ideal BBQ to match your culinary ambitions and outdoor lifestyle.


A Legacy of Grilling Excellence

Our long-standing tradition in the BBQ industry reflects a commitment to excellence. With years of experience, we've curated a selection of only the highest quality BBQs and accessories, establishing ourselves as the trusted go-to source for both seasoned grillers and those new to the hobby.


Comprehensive After-Sales Support

The BBQ Store prides itself on exceptional customer support. We offer detailed guidance on assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your BBQ journey is as smooth as it is satisfying. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, so your grilling adventures continue flawlessly long after your purchase.


Global Quality, Local Service

By sourcing globally acclaimed brands, The BBQ Store brings international excellence to the Australian market, complemented by our local expertise. Our selection process ensures only the best products make it to you, and we elevate the experience through a service team that understands your needs.


Ignite Your Grilling Journey Today

Dive into the ultimate BBQ adventure with The BBQ Store, your one-stop destination for premium 3-burner BBQs and more. Whether you're after the convenience of a built-in, the mobility of a portable or the classic charm of a trolley BBQ, we've got you covered. Plus, explore our extensive range of accessories to elevate your grilling game. Browse our catalogue now to transform your outdoors into a culinary haven.



How many people does a 3-burner BBQ feed?

A 3-burner BBQ is quite versatile and is ideally suited for medium-sized gatherings. Depending on the menu, it can comfortably cater to a group of 6–8 people. For instance, if you're grilling steaks, burgers or larger cuts of meat, you might feed fewer people than if you're cooking smaller items like skewers or sausages. The key is to plan your menu and utilise the grill space efficiently, perhaps cooking in batches for larger groups or choosing a mix of quick-cook and slow-roast items to maximise the grill's potential.


What size BBQ is ideal for a family of four?

For a family of four, a 3-burner BBQ can be an excellent choice, as it provides ample space to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously. It allows for flexibility in cooking different types of food — from grilling burgers and sausages to roasting vegetables. The key is to consider your family's eating habits and preferences.

If you often host extended family or friends, you might opt for a larger size to accommodate more guests. However, for typical family dinners, a 3-burner BBQ offers a balance of size and functionality, making it adequate for everyday use.


Which is better — a 4-burner or a 3-burner BBQ?

Choosing between a 3-burner and a 4-burner BBQ depends on your specific needs and preferences. A 3-burner offers ample space and flexibility for most gatherings, making it efficient for most family needs. It's compact enough for smaller spaces yet powerful enough to handle a variety of dishes.

A 4-burner BBQ, on the other hand, provides additional cooking space, which can be beneficial for larger occasions or those who like to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. Consider factors like the size of your events, available space and your cooking style when deciding. If you need a grill for business purposes, the larger capacity is generally more recommendable.


What are the benefits of choosing a 3-burner built-in BBQ for my outdoor kitchen?

A 3-burner built-in BBQ is an excellent choice for creating a sleek and functional outdoor kitchen. Its integrated design allows a seamless fit with your outdoor cabinetry for a professional and cohesive look.

This type of BBQ is perfect for efficiently managing space while offering an ample cooking area. With its robust construction and high-performance features, a built-in model enhances your outdoor cooking experience.


Why choose a 3-burner gas BBQ for my grilling needs?

Opting for a 3-burner gas BBQ brings the convenience of quick start-ups and easy temperature control, making it a favourite among grilling enthusiasts. Its three burners provide flexibility in cooking different types of food simultaneously, allowing for a diverse menu. This type of BBQ is ideal for those who value efficiency and precision in their cooking, offering consistent heat distribution and the ability to fine-tune cooking temperatures.

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    NAPOLEON Rogue 3 Burner 304 SS - Side Burner + Rear Burner + SS Grills  - RSE425RSBPSS-1-AU
  • Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner Black - Side Infra Red Burner + CI Grills - RXT425SIBPK-1-AU
  • Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner 304 SS - Side Infra Red Burner + Rear Burner + SS Grills - RSE425RSIBPSS-1-AU
  • NAPOLEON Rogue 3 Burner 304 SS Bundle - RSE425RSBPSS-1-AU-BUN
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    NAPOLEON Rogue 3 Burner Black - Side Burner + SS Grills  -  RXT425SBPK-1-AU