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If you're someone who loves cooking up a storm on the barbeque, then you know that there's no better way to impress your friends and family than with a perfectly cooked roast. And what better way to cook a roast than with a spit rotisserie? Our portable spit rotisseries are designed to make it easy for you to take your barbeque game to the next level.

Portable Spit

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  • Portable BBQ Rotisserie with Red Lid - PBR-3060 (Factory Second)
  • Portable Briefcase Rotisserie Spit Stainless Steel Body - very portable (folds up) - PRS-3065
  • Mini Charcoal BBQ Spit Rotisserie System  - BMS-5036
  • Grizzly Spit Portable Rotisserie Spit Package - GSP-20R
  • Spinaro 24 Skewer Charcoal BBQ (20cm Wide Base) - Auto Turning Skewers - TRS-24L20