The Cobb range is now available at The BBQ Store.


What is a Cobb?

The Cobb is a compact, portable, versatile, energy efficient cooker that perfectly complements the lifestyle of an outdoor enthusiast or a home entertainer.

Where can you use a Cobb?

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an at home entertainer, the wide range of Cobb grills provide an energy efficient solution to smoking, grilling, frying, baking and roasting. The multiple award winning patented Cobb cooking system is virtually smokeless, ideal for close-quarter living like caravanning, camping, fishing, units and apartment blocks.

Is cooking on a Cobb healthier?

For those who are looking for a healthy alternative to cooking, the Cobb is the answer. The unique design ensures that fat and grease is drained away from the food and in to the moat. This one-stop solution is also big enough to hold every morsel you need for your meal. 

Does it take long to cook in a Cobb?

Cobb users also have the luxury of saying goodbye to laborious cooking time as the system is designed with ventilation holes around the dome to allow for even distribution of heat, allowing food to cook to perfection. While searing hot on the inside, the base remains cool to touch which means the Cobb can be picked up and moved around while cooking. 

What can you cook in a Cobb?

The Cobb also allows for extreme versatility thanks to its wide range of accessories. The range includes items like a BBQ kit, utensil set, recipe book, pizza stone, chicken roasting stand, frying pan and a fenced roasting rack. 


The COBB grill range is a handy solution to ensure perfectly cooked, delicious food every time, no matter where life takes you. 




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