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Are you debating on which type of gas BBQ to buy?

A BBQ grill is a big purchase, so you want to get one that will give you value for your money. Although most grills on the market today use propane, natural gas is rising in popularity. Instead of using a propane tank or charcoal, a natural gas BBQ uses hydrocarbon-based fuels as heat source. Here are some of the benefits of a natural gas BBQ.

  • 1. Understanding natural gas BBQs

Natural gas is essentially the gas supplied by your local utility company, to fire your boiler or indoor cooker piped directly into your house. So for your natural gas BBQ it is simply a matter of directing a pipe to your outdoor kitchen and connecting it up.

  • 2. Cost effectiveness

The relative affordability of natural gas BBQs ensures that you generally pay approximately a third of the price to fuel them as you do for propane ones. While there may be a starting cost to have natural gas installed in your home, this service can be provided for free so if you live near a gas main, investing in a natural gas BBQ becomes cost effective in the long run.

  • 3. Convenience and reliability

With the natural gas BBQ essentially hardwired to your home, you will have a constant supply of gas to cook your food for as long as you want. In addition, there will be no need to replace or refill gas canisters. Since a grill hooked up to natural gas taps directly into the supply running to the house, you will not encounter a gas shortage during a family BBQ.

  • 4. Environmental impact and air quality

Natural gas is a fossil fuel with sources that have a far less negative environmental impact than their charcoal counterparts. Natural gas BBQs burn cleaner, producing far less air residue, so that you won’t have to worry about the air at your party getting smoky or your guests getting sooty. This means that the natural gas BBQ is also environmentally friendly.

  • 5. Natural gas BBQ Australia

Natural gas BBQ sale. If you want to buy the best natural gas BBQ in Australia, get the best deal at The BBQ Store, where there is a large range of four, five and six burner gas BBQs to suit every style and budget. The BeefEater Clubman 4 burner gas BBQ and Gasmate Caterer 6 burner BBQ have been highly recommended as the best natural gas BBQs.

The BeefEater Clubman 4 burner gas BBQ is an impressive gas BBQ featuring four burners and the electronic ignition that makes lighting super-easy. The Gasmate Caterer 6 burner BBQ can entertain scores of guests and visitors, with 6 burners and 1200mm x 450mm surface. 

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