How to Clean Range Hood Filter

By: The BBQ Store

how to clean range hood filter

When was the last time you inspected and cleaned the filter in your rangehood?

When cleaning your kitchen, your stove’s range hood can be easily overlooked. Yet, this is an area that really needs cleaning to keep your home safe from germs, bacteria, and fire hazards. Depending on what type of stove you have, once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your stove hood filter, it’s easy to maintain it clean. Here is a quick lesson on how to clean range hood filter.

  • 1. The dishwasher detergent method

Remove the stove hood filters and wet these with a blast hose or under the tap. Place the wet filter in a pan or a sink and apply dishwasher detergent all around the filter, including the metal rim. Allow the filter to sit for one hour and then place it in a sink under hot water and wash off the detergent along with the grease. Apply more detergent and scrub using a brush to remove any small traces of grease in the corners. Most modern day range hoods come with dishwasher friendly aluminium or stainless steel grease filters.

  • 2. Cleaning the hood

How to clean range hood? Select the right cleaner for your specific hood that is safe to use on that material in order to avoid damaging it.  Wipe the outside of the hood by simply spraying it with your cleaner. You may be advised to let it sit for any length of time before wiping it off.  Wipe the hood with a dry, clean cloth or paper towels, removing all traces of the cleaner.

  • 3. How to clean grease off range hood filters

Clean any oil or grease deposits around the grease filters by spraying with a mild degreaser and wiping away using a napkin. Read the instructions before you spray as some solutions may need diluting with water first.

  • 4. How to clean greasy range hood filters

Remove the filters from the hood and fill a sink or bucket with boiling water.Pour a good amount of de-greasing dish soap and 1/4 cup baking soda into the hot water, and mix. Dip the greasy exhaust fan filters into the water, allow to soak for 10 minutes and then scrub the filters. Thoroughly rinse the filters in hot water and dry with a paper towel or clean cloth. Once the filters are completely dry, place them back into the hood.

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