outdoor bbq range hood buying guideAre you thinking of adding a BBQ range hood to your outdoor kitchen?

Modern BBQ range hoods come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The major purpose of range hoods is to remove airborne combustion products, grease, smoke, steam, heat as well as fumes that arise as you cook. Some range hoods are even equipped with fire suppression devices to prevent fire spreading in the event of an accident, making them an important addition to any kitchen – indoor or outdoor.

However, with so many range hood options on the market, how do you best choose one? Here is our BBQ Store handy guide to help you out.

  • 1.    Know your outdoor kitchen dimensions

Range hoods come in different sizes and shapes. You’ll need to measure and know how much space you have to install a range hood. As you browse range hoods, be sure to also inquire how the range hood is to be mounted. Things to keep in mind:

* The desired range hood should cover the length and width of your cooktop comfortably giving extra room of at least 3 inches on either side.

* The range hood should be installed approximately 24 inches from the surface of an electric cooktop, and 30 inches from that of a gas cooktop.

  • 2.    Know and understand the different types of range hoods

There are at least seven different types of range hoods available on the market, and it’s worth knowing and understanding the differences of each one before making a purchase.

Under cabinet hoods: are mounted to the underside of cabinets above your cooktop.

Wall-mount hoods: wall-mount hoods are mounted on the wall above your range.

Chimney hoods: can be mounted on the ceiling above your modular island.

Island hoods: are the preferred range hoods for islands as they hang strategically from the ceiling above an outdoor island.

Downdraft hoods: aren’t always evident, they are well hid and only surface when you’re cooking on your outdoor kitchen.

Pro Hoods: resemble under cabinet hoods with the only difference being that they are bigger and tend to be more powerful than their smaller under cabinet counterparts.

Custom range hoods: if you want something tailored to match your outdoor theme, don’t settle for what’s on the market, but get a range hood custom designed.

  • 3. Know what range hood strength is appropriate for your kitchen

The air movement of range hoods is measured in CFM – cubic feet per minute. For people who entertain often and cook a lot, you’ll need a range hood that’s at least 350 CFM to capture all the steam and food odours. Something to keep in mind when trying to determine the appropriate range hood strength is that the more powerful the CFM, the louder the noise made by the range hood. There are restrictions within cities on this, therefore consult with your range hood seller before purchasing your range hood.

Our Store's Best Selling Rangehoods

Excelsior 1200x600 BBQ Range Hood

Excelsior 1200x600 BBQ Range Hood

This rangehood can be wall mounted in any outdoor entertaining area. It is made from quality 316 Marine grade stainless steel for a lustrous finish and to provide protection against the Australian outdoor elements. The Excelsior has been designed to have ultra quiet powerful motors that deliver up to 2600m3/hr of powerful, yet quiet extraction of cooking smoke and odours. There is a touch screen control panel that features a digital display, 3 speed settings, light control, 24 hour clock, delay shut off timer and remote control. The super bright LED Light provides energy efficient illumination for your cooking area.



The purpose of this rangehood is to minimise the grease and smoke when you cook on your barbecue. This hood is made out of 304 commercial grade stainless steel, has a 3 speed fan control plus turbo setting with twin motors, and a conversation friendly operation noise. The filters save you time on scrubbing to ensure efficient running of the rangehood.

Gasmate BBQ Rangehood 120cm Canopy Outdoor GRHM

Gasmate BBQ Rangehood 120cm Canopy Outdoor GRHM

The Gasmate Rangehood BBQ Medium is a professional and user friendly medium range hood which is suitable for use in outdoor kitchens above the barbecue to help with removing smoke that may be building up in the confined areas. This rangehood comes with a high strength stainless steel construction which provides high resistance against wear and tear applications.

  • Where to purchase BBQ range hoods in Sydney?

The BBQ Store is a leading supplier of BBQ range hoods from popular brands such as Beefeater, Gasmate, and Excelsior. If you would like to talk to an expert about the type of range hood to buy, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 880 685.

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